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Call forwarding for offline only?

Casual Tourist

I would like an incoming call to my Skype number to be forwarded only when offline, and ring when online.  Impossible?


My current understanding is that forwarding choices are:

1 Always

2 Never


Is this correct?  Or may I choose the conditional forwarding that I first mentioned?

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Casual Adventurer

Set up call forwarding as the default, and set the forwarding delay to suit your needs. If youre at your desk then maybe 15 seconds. If you havent answered by then it will forward.


When you are offline it will forward.


or just turn on/off forwarding when you shut down and start up.



Casual Tourist
Regardless of online status, I'd like to be able to rapidly enable immediate forwarding (0 delay), or then turn off forwarding. I'd like to take as few steps as possible and see a visual indication on screen. Is Options toggling the best way to do this? Or should I set delay long, sign out when I want forwarding, and it will forward immediately? I think a control/icon would help, because a delay time isn't flexible enough for the situation. I do not want forwarding when I go to the restroom. I want it when I leave the building.
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