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Available area codes for Online Number

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im after an Online Number for the UK, but my desired area code, Southend (01702), is not listed. 


Am I able to get a Skype number starting 01702 or is this simply not availble?


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i'm wanting one too giles. tamworth 01827.

doesn't look promising

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Same question. My area code is 01327 what do I use?
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i to want an area code that is not listed!!! how come there are 4 of us with the same problem yet no one seems to be able to help???? i think this is very bad on the part of skype!!!!!

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sorry had to do tihis forgot to click the email me when someone replies to above post lol so plz reply to above post thanx  

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Totally agree that the online UK number availabliltiy is VERY poor there are only a few available out of approx 650 area codes.


Derby please 01332 or Ripley 01773. I want to get an online number but can't see the point if you can't get a code that resemblance locality of user or callers to that number.


Please add more codes Skype, most other voip opereators do

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i am wanting on the southend number to how long do we have to wat 

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I'm looking for (01875) please help
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I was wondering the same thing. It is very odd that the Skype support community doesn't seem to receive much actual support from Skype, and that it also seems impossible to reach someone directly. I was getting ready to purchase a number and start using this service but I don't think that would be a wise move after reading through the forum.

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Im after an online number for the uk but my desired area code Crawley (01293) is not listed

Am i able to get a skype number starting 01294 or is this simply there is none availble

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