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Automatically add all company members to a member contact lists (business accounts)

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I am trying to add automatically new accounts to existing business account's contact lists so that they do not have to do so manually. Is there a way to do this through Skype Manager perhaps? All I have found is an interface where I have to add everyone manually, which is not so great I feel.


Also, would there be a way to share contact list through Skype Manager? e.g. If I add a new business account, to add client companie's list of contact readily available? This would simplify integration of new employee for us, as all we would do is create their account, have them log in on skype, and from there they could directly contact anyone which they would have to deal with (everyone else in the company, current clients, etc)

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I share this question - this seems like a critical component for anyone looking to use this as a business solution. It's not realistic for me to expect my employees to manually add eachother (and to go do it again every time we hire someone new). Hoping someone from Skype can tell us how to accomplish this, and/or build this feature into a future release!
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This was the first question I got from staff when we started using Skype. Having as much of the contact adding automated as possible would make it much easier to get people that are perhaps slightly reluctant to use Skype involved, as every manual action will prove a barrier.

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Although it is not important for me that new accounts automatically are add to our existing accounts, it would still be very nice to have like a corporate directory that every one could look in, anyways I hope that someone from skype will reply to this post.



Martin Olsen

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Just to show support - this is pretty critical to how we would want to use the system.



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Just wanted to bump this thread and add this is exactly what I'm looking for.  Why is this simple feature not available in Skype Manager?

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I too have this question and banged my head against the wall of chat support with no resolution.  They really need to add this very simple feature for a BUSINESS account use.

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I've started investigating Skype Manager for my business.  When I discovered it, I assumed that the accounts I added in Skype Manager would be added to a directory for all of these accounts, otherwise, WHY ELSE WOULD I USE SKYPE MANAGER???  From what I can tell, Skype manager provides NO benefit other than giving ME more work to do- sheesh.  If I'm missing something, please let me know.

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We have 200+ employees. Maybe that's not much but when you need to add everyone manually it gets really frustrating. Can someone from Skype please explain how do they recomend adding let say 1000 contacts ?

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This is a business critical feature that is really the only reason you'd use Skype Manager, why has there been no traction on this?

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