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Australian mobile operators are blocking access to Skype Numbers?

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sclepj wrote:
Have to say I resolved this in the end with nothing more simple than logging out and re-logging in again :-) Felt a tad foolish but hey hi we live and learn! :-)

Well you are the only one that solved this issue that easily!  I had skype online last thurday logged into my computer for 2 hours.  This is a telco issue

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Hi all there are two posts going on in skype about this issue.  I was the one who posted complaint onto Telstra crowd support originally.


See other post called SKYPE NUMBER NOT WORKING sort by date.


I am a skype business/Premium client, and we also have telstra business services as well.  We have been in contact with both of them


As of 15 minutes ago the skype numbers can be called again... sometimes.. it is working then it isnt'


I can't help but think this is Telstra's fault, but Skype isnt' doing themselves any favours with their rubbish support.  We had this issue escalated 8 days ago with a promise of a response within 72 hours.    The core rule of support is, even if you dont' have an answer you still contact the person and tell them you are working on it!  Skype have been telling my my issue was only escalated the day before for 8 days, which is not only poor support but a blatant lie.


I wanted to swap out of skype due to this... but be damned if Telstra will get my business now.


I hope it comes up permanently soon.


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I can also confirm that it seems to be up an working again - just tried a few times - so far so good, but it  needs to work all the time - agree

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Land Lines still commonly getting intermitent busy signal on skype number as of 13/12/2013 1:58pm 

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I only needed the Skype number to forward calls to (and pickup Skype v-mail) whilst I was overseas for 3 weeks in Nov, have to say after that I have not had use of it but happy to have a test from Voda, Optus & Telstra mobiles and I will report back if any issues...

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Seems to be working again for me also. Thanks for letting everyone know support.lsa, I havn't heard anything from Skype or Telstra about the issue been fixed. I'll continue to try and find out from Telstra what actually happen and if I do, I'll post it here.

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Telstra advised that Skype had changed carriers and there had been an issue with the transfer that affected some services.  namely telstra phones not being able to contact skype numbers.


it seems to be fixed now.  Telstra contacted us several times to test the connection and it now works.



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Since 15 December 2013, I have been unable to send sms messages from Skype to Optus Mobiles,  however, there is no problem sending sms messages to Telstra mobiles.


Has this been an issue for anyone? I have had no success with Optus, and i cannot get hold of a contact at Skype. This problem persists today from another Skype user trying to send sms messages to other Optus mobiles.

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I have had the same thing happen to me. Only sms sent to Optus phones won't go through after saying they have been delivered and I have been charged for it also. All other mobiles get my sms immediately.


I have been on Skype Support Chat and they have sent me an email to reply to with more detailed info as it was not able to be resolved. Lets see where that goes. It seems like a pretty major issue that they are not aware of.


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Yes this was an issue  I contacted Optus and after a number of calls and talking to various people  I found someone who was honest,   and the answer is OPOTUS BLOCKS SKYPE TEXT MESSAGES, it seems optus and skype do not like each other or so I was  told,    as my contract with Optus was about to finish  I have now moved across to telstra and I do not have any problems,

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