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As a manager I am unable to purchase skype credit

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It worked for us. Thank you!

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Current Situation for those skipping to the end of the thread-


Symptom: 'Building Icon' admins cannot purchase skype credit.


Known workarounds discussed in other posts: 

1) If a 'House Icon' user exists in your manager use that account to purchase credit.

2) If not in the US create a new personal account, add it your manager, make that user an admin, and purchase credit as that user.

3) If in the US and you don't have a 'House Icon' user you can purchase Business Vouchers by wiring money to ChatandVision in Singapore with a 40% mark-up.


Therefore the only 'workaround' for US users without a 'house' icon admin is (3).  Also all admins in all countries can still redistribute credit that has been assigned to individual users.


Personally I need the root cause fixed...none of the workarounds either work or are acceptable to me and my organization.

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For any SMBs who don't want to wait around anymore:


Ringcentral - more expensive than Skype but better features, more reliable in our testing, and better quality.  30 day free trial so if you don't like it you can come back to Skype with little effort  (maybe Skype will have this fixed by then?)


Oovoo - similar to Skype with IM, video chat, and free calling to other Oovoo users.  You can call landlines from computer using Oovoo credits.


Viber - fewer features than Skype but easy to get up and running if you're in a pinch.


I've taken Skype's lack of response to this as writing on the wall.

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I was able to purchase credit today and was wondering if it is working for others in the US now as well.  I am in Canada today so I am wondering if that is the reason that things worked for me...  If being in Canada is the case perhaps one of those IP obfuscating VPNs might work for users in the the US....



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@univabrunner, I am in the US, and as of this morning clicking on 'Buy Credit' no longer leads to the user form to request credit from an admin, but to the page where you can actually purchase credit. And I was able to go ahead and purchase some credit - so it appears that this may at last be fixed.

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I can also confirm that the issue has been resolved.  I was able to purchase credit to my Business Account today using a credit card.  I am also in the US.

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Thanks all.  I think we can consider this one finally resolved!

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Hurraaaaaaa!!!! In Poland it's also working At least! After a month of 1st message....

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Thanks for confirming the fix.


All: The underlying issue should be fixed for all types of Skype Manager admin users now. Please report back should to confirm or share details should there still be something odd remaining for you.

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This is still a problem.  We have been unable to use SKYPE for over a week.  We have contacted support almost every day and we get the same answer that engineers are working on the problem but there is no date give to resolve.  I have been told I will recieve and E-mail from Skype when it is available again.  This is getting really bad.

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