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Add an "Old Emoticons" option, please

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Casual Tourist

I've used Skype since the very early days. I must say I really miss the old emoticons.  An option to show the old set would be fantastic - it doesn't sound too difficult to implement. Us old-timers with Skype remember many a chat conversation using those cute little faces and would love to have them back.

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Casual Tourist

I think I'm gonna downgrade to an older version of skype. I hate the new version of skype to begin with, And the smilies just made It worse. 

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Novel Adventurer

I agree, can't stand the sight of new emots, they're dreadful.


Once again - why can't we have an option to use older version?

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Community Manager
I'm sorry, but we won't be offering an "Show old emoticons" option. There are several implications, especially when it comes to cross-plattform compatibility which does not allow that for us.

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Novel Tourist
I so agree with you, these new ones are just like FLAT where as the others, well, they were sorta 3d if ya know what I mean...
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Novel Tourist

Amen.  Oh, please please please.

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Novel Tourist

So... wasn't Skype originally made for the users? For us?

This action of yours (not giving a **bleep** about users's opinion), our dear Skype mods and admins - speeks clearly that - you seek to see your vision on march, rather than our dreams and wishes in action.

So in a way - you just emphasize: "We own you - listen to us." with big capital words.


Don't care about the community? No wonder Facebook outbests you already...


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Novel Adventurer

how about changing at least the new ones to resemble the old ones? the new ones are really bad and I am pretty sick of using the 4.0 skype version just because I cannot stand the look of the new emoticons!

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Novel Adventurer

I second this request...

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Casual Adventurer
Totally agree. We need old smileys
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