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Add an "Old Emoticons" option, please

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Novel Tourist
me too.. the new smilies are terrible!
Novel Adventurer

i hope dev's will see this asap!

Casual Tourist

I just DOWNGRADED to until this issue is resolved.

Novel Adventurer
Dear Skype,

There are so many feelings and emotions attached to these friendly old icons. When chatting with a loved one they even represented him/her to some degree. We had so many rituals where these cute animations just perfectly expressed our feelings for each other.

You can't just go and replace this by some soulless zombies, thinking it means nothing.

Me and my friend went to oldapps-dot-com and downgraded to version solely because of the new icons and we are not going to install any Skype update until we can choose to use the old icon set.
Novel Adventurer

What can I say. Microsoft bought Skype. Users' opinions no longer matter. It would be better Google bought Skype.

Casual Tourist
Absolutely agree with eistea, I began a internet relationship via Skype and this change just stomps all over those memories for me.
Casual Tourist

Agreed, not updating my skype until we can at least choose to use the old emoticons.

Novel Adventurer

Пожалуйста, верните старые смайлики. Эти выглядят убого =(

Novel Tourist

The new smileys are the worst thing to happen to Skype. The animations are jerky (to bring out character perhaps?), they're poorly drawn (those hard lines just make them look silly) and they just make you cringe looking at them. I've resorted to using characters that won't get turned into the emoticons just so I never have to see them! Five of my most well communicative contacts also express their dissatisfaction with them aswell. Please for the love of all that is good and well programmed bring back the old emoticons or add in an option to switch them back!

Casual Tourist

Newer = by no means always better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where = the moving clock & the olive that.....................

The old dancing emoticon = like 100-times the new one.

Who do they employ to make choices & decisions like this?

We need the [old] emoticons reinstated on the double or

'll flood the wwnet with this simple request.....