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Add an "Old Emoticons" option, please

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Hi! New emoticons in Skype 5.5 are not cute and animated ugly. Add an option to show old ones, please.


Old emoticons were simple and shiny - many people love them. New emoticons resemble "smiles" from forum or old web chat. :[

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Accepted as a solution by iwn
‎28-08-2015 11:00

So, google for a "Skype API Pidgin and Adium plugin" by robmobb.

It enables Skype usage from alternative clients.


You can download Pidgin smileys on plugin's page. Smileys for Adium is on "Adium extras" site.


Sorry, this forum disables any URLs.

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The new smileys look kinda stoned...

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The new emoticons are not cool, skype have ruined one of their best features.  The new emoticons just dont have the same visual appeal, and lack the crisp clear and amusing expressions that the old ones have.  How do I get the old ones back?

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Don't just add an old-emoticon-option - just reverse that whole stupid idea! I am sure that 99% of skype users will not like these new freaks....!

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Whoever made these new emoticons made a terrible job. Please, bring the old ones back or at least, let us choose the set we like best.
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The new emoticons look terrible, please bring back the old ones! I miss them.

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Novel Tourist

As for me, new smiles are ugly, could you bring the old ones back or at least give us a choice between them?

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Novel Adventurer
I agree 100%. At least I would like to choose which emoticons are on the board to choose from by simple click.
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  Yes the new emoticons are crude and lack the charm of the old ones.

At least i would like to define which ones are on the board for simple click.

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