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Add Contacts to Skype Manager members accounts (Contact List)

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Hi All,


I tried to disucuss this over live chat but had no luck as the tech guy kept asking if I wanted to add Skype credit for voice calls :-/


Basically what im asking for help with is if its possible to create group in Skype Manager, Create accounts and make them members of that group and then create a contacts list of other Skype manager users and then auto allocate that to all users within the group so when I give out the account details to my users when they login they already have the other company users added without having to login to Skype on the web and add them manually.


Seems like a basic taks of managing a business with business accounts, if it doesnt exist can I request it as an upcoming feature ;-)







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Was there any thought placed to this by the Skype team?  This is something I would be interested in, as well.  I bet there are a lot of IT or Skype Manager types out there that would agree.

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This is just plain stupid to explain everyone how to add corporate members to the contact list. At least for managed accounts it should allocate and update automatically.

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Looks like this is the only way my users in Skype Manager can add contacts who are also in Skype Manager:


This is pathetic.

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I Hope that the managers will be nice to send my contact list.

I have a new computer, I open my account  they tell me that I am ready

to call; my friends,I still have monnay in my account, but for my contact list: Nada

please help me

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