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ASUS SV1T videophone - can't download contacts

Casual Adventurer



My ASUS SV1T can no longer download the contact list. All it does is stay on the "Downloading contacts" dialog forever. I tried signing out of the account and signing into a brand new test account, and it did the same thing. The phone isn't really much use without the contact list. What should I do?





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Routine Adventurer

Hi, I have the same problem. Any solution ? I tried to reset a few times, but the download message is still there. Thanks. A.

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Casual Adventurer

Hi ,I have this problem also contacts downloading , any help out there, thanks

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Casual Adventurer

There doesn't appear to be a solution. Skype's support doesn't care about this, and ASUS doesn't have a clue. I'm never buying an ASUS product again after this.

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Casual Adventurer

Thanks for info still hoping Skype comes up with something.

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Routine Adventurer

I guess this is an ASUS problem not a Skype one. Has anyone opened the phone ? Has anyone an idea how to "hardware-reset" it ?

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Casual Adventurer

I think it's a software problem are Skype going to admit to blocking these phones after selling them. Come on Skype solve this problem.

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Routine Adventurer

It is a software problem, but on an ASUS device. Guessing the operating system is property of ASUS, they will look after it. However, I opened a ticket. I keep you posted.

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Routine Adventurer
What firmware version do you have ? and date ? is it: V4.0.0.5 dated 2010-07-20 ?
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Casual Adventurer

Yes - V4.0.0.5, 2010-07-20.

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