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Free Month-Can't make calls

Novel Tourist

Hello, I just subscribed for a free month of Skype calls but I'm unable to make outgoing calls. It's to a country on the list ( Thailand) and my account is showing that it's good until 21st of May. I'd be grateful for any help as it seems impossible to contact Skype directly.

Many thanks


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Hi Kev,

unfortunately, I don't see any calls made (or attempted) on your account.

Could you please check you are logged in to the correct accounts? sometimes people have several accounts and accidentally log in into different one than they have their subscription activated.

Other than that you could try to restart your Skype.

Also, I would recommend waiting a little bit, sometimes it takes a bit longer time to fully activate subscription (I've seen cases when it took a day or so). But usually we are able to see the call attempts at least.

Do you see any specific error message when you try to call phone number?

Thank you.

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