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receiver not able to hear


I subscribed monthly to make call from UAE to India. Past two days call receiver is not able heart voice. My friends also facing similar issue. Kindly let me what is the issue.

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I m facing same problem...wht is the solution??

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Novel Tourist

I am also facing the same issue, the other side of the call, the person not hearing my voice, what can I do now


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Novel Tourist

I am having the same problem. Do they have customer care? How do we report this issue. Seems like a common problem but the credit is getting deducted. This should get fixed and our credit should be refunded.


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Casual Tourist

I am also having the same problem, I purchased subscription trusting the company. On any calls the other  side not able to hear.. this is pathetic. Trying contact customer service taking me to community, where they themselves says the employees don't join



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Dear Readers,


Unfortunately, Skype is aware of problems with using its services in the U.A.E.




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Skype to skype calls are working fine in UAE. Issue is only with the calls to mobile or landline. The caller can hear the other side very clearly but the person on the other end isn't

able to hear anything or hears only distorted voice. Don't you have any solution to this problem?







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