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Unable to login on Skype for Android

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all of a sudden am unable to login on my android phone. network settings and internet connection all good.

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Which phone model?
Which mobile provider are you with?
What error message do you see exactly?

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Novel Adventurer
sony xperia sk17i

proviedr etialat egypt

error messege ''cannot connect to skype'' you cannot be signed in at this time please check your mobile network settings and try again....
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it has been fine for a week but has now shut me out again with the same message.
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My Galaxy Tab GT P1000

will not log in.  It just hangs and refuses to sigbn in.  But I can log in on my laptop.

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I use galaxy s3. Cant log in too. But i can log in from iphone and laptop. What's the problem?
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I'm also unable to login on Skype for Android.


Phone: HTC One S

Provider: T Mobile

Error message: You cannot be signed in at this time. Please check your mobile network settings and try again.


I don't see anything immediately wrong with my network settings.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app - no difference.


I can sign into Skype for Windows on my PC no problem.

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Skype won't accept my password on my Android
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Update: I'm able to sign in via my wireless connection, just not via my network (t mobile)
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Zarya50 I have exactly the same issue , wireless good ...Mobil network no good :-( .

Really really frustrating ! Helppppp