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Re: Skype White Screen When I Open


Hi good morning,,i have a problem in my skype in my android phone,when im log in only circle and then blank white screen  can u help me pls. I need it to open my skype,

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Casual Adventurer

Hi. I had the same problem for a couple of days. What I did was to:

1. Clear Google Play Store cache and data via "Application Manager" in my android phone's settings.

2. Update "Android System WebView" from my Google Play Store's app list.


I could successfully login into Skype at my first try after the above-mentioned steps.

(The 1st step might be unnecessary in my opinion, but it doesn't hurt)

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Novel Tourist
Thaks!! That was really useful!!
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Novel Adventurer

Same problem but the solution does not work here. I'm using last android on moto maxx

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Casual Tourist

Same issue here.

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