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Microphone not working

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Novel Tourist

not working

Novel Tourist

I had exactly the same problem with my Samsung S2. Skype had been working ifne for months, along comes an update and - WHAM!! Nobody can hear me any longer. I initially uninstalled Skype and reinstalled without success. then, after reading your post, I also switched the phone off after the uninstall. It seems to have worked! Thank you XX :bigsmile:

Casual Adventurer

Ever since last update my Alcatel Android phone is not Skype friendly!!  Can here callers but they can't here me.  Getting really frustrated and cross because Skype just doesn't seem interested in fixing this problem

Novel Tourist

ok so there is only 1 way to fix this uninstall your skype ,go into your playstore and under setting disable auto update (this is so your skype will not update ) ok now look online for Skype 3.2 APK and then download it to your pc and push it to your extrnal sdcard go into your phone/tablet and look for where you put it and install it make sure you enable install from unknowed sources and then you are set problem fixed ,I hope this helped you . im attaching the apk hope it helps 

Same problem here. Microphone doesn't' work after making update,Q-mobile A7 android.plz look into the same.
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I seem to have the same issue. Samsung galaxy note 8, andriod 4.2.2 no sound. No mic. Nothing happens when I call echo test. If I call a contact it connects but neither of us can hear anything
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Thanks so much, monkeyfoot, this saved me potentially hours of hitting my head against my desk.  Disabling auto-update from Google Play was key, as was uinstalling Skype v4.+, immediately rebooting, then installing the earlier version.  Very nice (and I like the earlier interfaces better anyway) .

Casual Tourist
My phoune Skype microphone is not wroking
Novel Adventurer
i had same problem but when i used speaker phone then it start working.
Novel Tourist
Thanks. This helped me. I downgraded to version 3.2.2, audio problem gone!