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Frequently asked Android questions + Answers

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1) How do I sign out of Skype 6.x for Android on my phone?

  1. Tap the menu icon or press the menu button on your phone.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap "Sign out".

Learn more about navigating Skype in this article.


2) Audio quality degrades when holding headset close to ear

Several solutions: 

  1. Leave the call screen, we ONLY enable the proximity sensor on the call screen.
  2. Use 3G for audio calling (this issue only applies to Wifi)
  3. Plug in a headset
  4. Upgrade to Android 2.3 or later

3) "Insufficient available space" during installation

This is actually a bug in Android itself due to not all files being removed after uninstalling. Try restarting your device, e.g. switch off and on again. Afterwards retry installation from Android Market.

If that did not help try resetting your device to factory settings.


4) Is it true I can enable videocalling even if my device isn't certified? 

Yes, while you can enable Skype video calling on most Android phones, it is possible that the video quality may not be as good on non-certified phones. More information in our support FAQ


5) When will the next update be released? 

It's Skype policy not to announce any release dates in advance. Updates will be released "when it's done", e.g. as soon as they have finished development and passed quality assurance.

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