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wont sign me in?

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It says signing in for about 2-3 minutes, then will say Skype cannot sign you in at this time please check your network connection and try again, ive checked it, changed it many times, reinstalled Skype, asked for help, tried to sign up again and still nothing for 2 days, I'm getting so frustrated! Please help!xx
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Cant sign in
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Hello guys I am facing the same problem as skype doesn't let me sing in at all...I am calling frequently abroad so I don't even want to think what the bill is going to be like..I have uninstalled the application and installed it again while switching off the phone and still no results...  :  ( please if you have managed to find an answer let me know!


Many thanks in advance


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I have exactly the same problem "cannot connect you at present. Check your network settings" and yet it was working perfectly yesterday on my android phone and I haven't changed any settings since. Im very frustrated as I use it to call abroad. Please help
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This is exactly what I have had also for the past 24 hours or so (15-16 June 2012). Unable to login to Skype from my android mobile (HTC Desire Z) via mobile data (Orange/T-Mobile, always been able to before this) -- but can login fine on same mobile when on wifi, also login fine from PC via wifi.

Tried the lot: uninstalled and reinstalled skype; deleted and recreated Orange AVN settings. All other internet apps work fine on the mobile with mobile data, just not Skype.

Whilst on mobile data on mobile tried to create a new skype account but it would not connect to the skype server (this is the key issue!). Created a new skype account using my PC but still could not log into it on mobile using mobile data.

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I have just had an online chat session with a Skype support person. Here is the not all that helpful conversation we just had.....


14:57:34 System says,
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
14:57:44 Jason M. says,
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Jason. How may I help you?
14:58:18 nothing.rhymes says,
for past 2 days, i have been unable to login to skype from my android mobile (htc desire z on orange network) using mobile data (works on the phone using wifi). from forums, i see i am not alone in this. all was working fine until 2 days ago. have tried uninstalling/reinstalling skype. all other internet is working fine on the phone using mobile internet
14:59:54 Jason M. says,
I understand that you have issues logging in to your account when using 3G connection.

15:00:00 nothing.rhymes says,
15:00:09 Jason M. says,
Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the application?
15:00:14 nothing.rhymes says,
yes, my skype account works from the mobile using wifi, also from my pc using wifi. created a new skype account (from the pc) but that also will not login from phone using 3G. mobile is unable to connect to skype server using 3G
15:03:20 Jason M. says,
Yes, we really do not recommend 3G connection, we always recommend WiFi as that entails a more stable connection. This problems occurs in networks that have a high rate of packet-loss and a long packet round-trip delay. Some examples of connections where this problem happens includes 3G, SAT, GPRS. There is nothing Skype can do if you are using one of these connection types. The natural delay can only be solved by upgrading to a better internet connection.

15:04:14 nothing.rhymes says,
this has been working ok for many months until 2 days ago and other users are reporting the same issue on forums

15:05:05 Jason M. says,I will take note of this and report this to management so that it will be investigated. In the meantime, I recommend that you try to uninstall and reinstall the application again and use a more stable internet connection like Wi-Fi.

15:06:09 nothing.rhymes says,
as i told you i have uninstalled and reinstalled already (at least 3 times in fact). is that all you can suggest/offer?
15:08:30 Jason M. says,
In the meantime, yes, and we will try to gather as much information and cases like these to trace what the problem is. But as of the moment, we can conclude that there is no issue with the Skype application as it is working on a different connection. There might be an issue with local provider side in connecting to Skype, so we need to investigate on this.

15:09:18 nothing.rhymes says,
thankyou. will i receive a feedback from this?
15:10:20 Jason M. says,
Contact us back in maybe a week from now for us to have an ample time to gather as much cases as we could.
15:11:06 nothing.rhymes says,
thankyou. i will post this on the support forum so others with the same issue can benefit from your suggestions.
15:11:30 Jason M. says,
You're most welcome and thanks as well.
This is the killer: "Yes, we really do not recommend 3G connection, we always recommend WiFi as that entails a more stable connection. <snip> There is nothing Skype can do if you are using one of these connection types. The natural delay can only be solved by upgrading to a better internet connection."
In other words ~ don't expect it to work on anything less than wifi. 

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same problem too...


mines not worked since friday lunchtime. however works fine on wifi.


plz fix skypeeee

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Hi I have an iPhone 3GS am with orange and have happily been using skype over 3GS to talk to my fiancé who is in the desert then it suddenly stopped working about 2 days going. Have found out that orange has temporarily removed skype for iphone as people were running up huge data bills. The really helpful guy I spoke to said that when the next iOS 6 is released it should allow use of Skype over 3G again .
Does anyone else on another mobile network have these restrictions!
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Just to add it is fine over wifi but that does not help me when I need to use it over 3G : (
Anyway at least I know what is going on now. Will be interesting to see of people on other networks are having the same Skype/3G issue.
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Novel Tourist
I have this same issue - I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skype to my android. Turned the phone off, restarted, then EVEN created a new account to test it - THAT worked. Then my regular account worked after that.
Where have you lot found the answers?
It's all well and good Skype giging us a 'FAQ' section, but I see no replies - unless I have morning sleepy eyes lol
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