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video calling with SAMSUNG galaxy ace

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I here also would like to make a request to Skype to create an app or simply a way for us, Galaxy Ace users to be able to make video calls using skype. I bought the phone mainly thinking about this feature and was very surprised, shocked, to see it wasn't available.

The excuse that it only has a back camera does not cut it as we see that other similar cellphones DO enjoy the video call feature. Another example is that other apps do provide video calling on the Samsung phone. So, as an old Skype customer, I join the growing list of skype users who wish Skype would do something about allowing video call feature to Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830. Cheers.

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Camera is not a problem i can face the mirror and my video chat mate can see me,, please skype team work on it

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S II, and it don't give the option to use video calling. I have went through everything I could find but it still don't work. I have uninstalled it and then re-installed it. It still don't work.
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Yes, come on Skype, get your finger out. I bought this phone specifically for skype, no other reason, my wife is abroad atm and this was supposed to keep us in touch. I am finding google + is becoming a better application on the laptop than skype is for video and audio calls... If google + starts to support this phone's video calling then I'm outta here skype... MOVE YOUR @55!
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we change from nokia never in future. disappinted with samsung
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this is getting almost clear that video calling cant be done through galaxy ace. the part which i would like to know here cant we even receive video calls?

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what plug in did you download? and what apps can you use the main camera for? When I bought the phone, the website said. video calping on it. What do the two top sensors do?
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any phones under 15000INR
please reply me i want to buy in my budget
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Hey there, I just saw your post and I was wondering because I was thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy Ace too, mainly for internet browsing and Skype. So other than not being able to run video calls does Skype work fine on this phone?
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hey Steve..,where is your iPhone?

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