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toshiba thrive

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I would be interested in knowing what update allowed you to view video chat via Skype. Thanks.

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i just signed into skype and it said it hasnt been certified but will still work, all i had to do was click enable

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How did you make a video work I have the version 2.5 but it doesn't work please help
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Juju how did you get the video to work on your drive I have the latest version 2.5 but the video goes black when I connect.
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I've read in other forums such is the thrive forum the people have been able to get the video to work 4 them can anybody help me get mine working.
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Hi! Open Skype and on the bottom left hand side choose the box with the six squares, that is the menu tab. Choose settings and scroll down to "enable video chat " and put a check in the box. Select yes to the question that pops up afterwards and it should work fine.....hope this helped! I just found this out today after getting so frustrated. All the forums were saying to enable video chat but none of them said how to get there. Lol
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Skype released version 2.6 for Android devices today.  It includes a number of improvements.  Check it out.

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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I also have a thrive tablet and before I dl the update I could see video but the person on the other end could only see a green screen. Now after the update I can't get video to come up at all and on the other end the video icon can't even be clipped on as an option.

Also in the military, won thrive at ships christmas party
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Green screen is caused by the latest Skype update (ver

Go back to skype version

Do not update thrive to Android 3.2 it causes other problems, see thrive forums for more detail.

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Juju what did you do for your Skype to work?
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