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toshiba thrive

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I have tryed to down load Skype onto my Toshiba thrive. I can place calls but am not able to place video calls. I am in the military and the hole reason for getting the thrive was for the reason of contacting my family where ever I find myself. Is this a lost effort and money on my part? And if so why?

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Thanks for your service. I am a Veteran U.S. Air Force 1974-1979


Please follow these Steps:


1. Only do Step 1 if you are on WIN7:


Stop Skype.


Be sure that Compatibility Mode is not enabled (right-click on Skype shortcut icon/launcher and select Properties >> Compatibility) - for Windows 7 users only.


Try to launch Skype.


2. If Step 1 fails or you are NOT using WIN7 do:


Open an Internet Explorer browser, and go to, what happens?


If it fails, Please do the instructions below. Using your Windows Control Panel, please do:


Internet Options -> Advanced Tab Please click the "Reset" button.


Then, Go to the Connections Tab.


Make sure that the only checkbox checked is "Automatically detect settings", then click the "OK" button.


Close any open Internet Explorer browser windows, open a new IE browser window and try again. What happens? If it works, please stop/start Skype What happens?


3. If Step 2 does NOT solve the problem:


Please install the beta version using the instructions below:


You can install the Current beta release by doing this from the top of this page:


Get Skype -> Windows -> Choose the beta release, please do NOT remove what you already have installed, simply, install over.


These instructions have worked for many and is the quickest thing to try to resolve issues such as this.


Also, what operating system are you on?


What is the Make and Model of your computer?


Do you have all Windows updates and updates to any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

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I have the Thrive also but this isn't a windows tab it is a Android 3.1 running the latest version of Honeycomb.  Will the steps you suggested work?  Do not have my tab with me right now to test this.  

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No the steps are for Windows based systems.

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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Do you know if there has been an update in the works so skype will working on the Toshiba Thrive  AT105-T1016 which is running the latest version of Android Honeycomb 3.1??? 


I'm very disappointed that I purchased this tablet and it won't video skype.  



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The problem is Skype has not finished the effort to ensure a proper experience with Android 3.x tablets. 


Until then, I deleted Skype from my Thrive.  Google Talk does offer video chat, although I have yet to use it, and it appears to miss many features of Skype.


Skype did recently add video support for Android 2.x phones, so I am hopeful.


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Don't answer without even looking up what "Toshiba Thrive" is. C'mon its not a computer, nor a windows device.
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Skype updated many Honeycomb devices. I hear Motorolla Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. are working but not Thrive. Hey, I'm halfway done migrating my family to Google Talk that while inferior in some ways, works great in my car & everywhere with 4G and using both Front & rear facing Cameras. Get your crap together Skype!
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It works! Got an update on my Thrive and now I can video call with it. My husband and I just talked using video call and yes, we were both able to see each other using the front camera... This is fantastique! Thank you, who ever you are, to have solved the issue. I love my Thrive even more, now!

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what update I have to do? I just bought the TT last Friday and installed the Skype 2.5. No luck on video so far.
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