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toshiba thrive

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Nope, false. running 3.2 with latest Skype.................................................STILL NO VIDEO.
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SSDDNJ wrote:
FYI I spoke with Toshiba today 1/12/2012 and they told me to update to android 3.2, I did and now skype works on the Thrive with video.

Toshiba gave you bad advice.  Yes skype works.  But under 3.2 the mount point for your SD card changes, so some apps will no longer be able to access the SD card.

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flyinboxes wrote:
Nope, false. running 3.2 with latest Skype.................................................STILL NO VIDEO.

This is because you did not yet enable video calling in Skype Settings.

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Hi  I have the Toshiba thrive 3.1 does anyone know how to get the skype to work so the receiver can see me and not have a green screen??? It is so frustrating.  Thanks

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uninstall your current version of skype.

go to
to download the older version of skype.

this works with the thrive Android 3.1

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I've done all that! Upgraded my Thrive Android, downloaded skype 2.5.160, & enabled video calling in settings! Been playing with this for 2 months now & it's very frustrating. I've got separate skype names for my tablet & home computer & calls work within my home network but not elsewhere. I don't get much out of talking to myself though...A definitive answwer from Toshiba or Skype would be nice.

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what do you mean calls work within you home network.  you can call out with video, or just to another PC inside thew home?   Are you able to do voice to out side to another person?   Dont expect Toshiba or Skype to help , you'll find answers faster seeking others on good forums.  go to

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Hi I also have the Toshiba Thrive how did you get the video talk to work. When I click on contacts the flash on the screen real quick then goes away. Please help if you can thanks

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I dont understand what is happening, can you elaborate more, please?

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don't know if this was ever solved or not but i got a Thrive in Jan 2012 and video on skype isn't working. I updated the OS and the skype app. now i can get video chat working but at the other end they don't see me, they just see a green screen. Boooo!

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