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skype will not stay signed in

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Same here on Galaxy S3:
Wi-Fi always on and in it's vicinity, yet Skype loses connection. I can tell because Windows Skype, that I keep always logged in, is using the same connection, yet stays logged in and takes all the messages and calls instead of my Android's Skype.
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This is clearly an ongoing problem, I have a Samsung S2 and like others here, Skype keeps dropping and wont automatically sign back in. What is the issue please, and is a resolution on the cards?? No response from Skype Tech support is poor service!

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Same issue on HTC EVO 4G with Android 2.3.5. I noticed yesterday that skype keeps disconnecting even when being on full wifi all the time.

Another big issue lately is that when I sign in, it takes forever to show my contacts, my history and my profile. It's really frustrating.

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Might as well just add my comment to the list of complaints...


Same issue - Galaxy S2 - 4.0.3 - will NOT stay signed on.  Even when it finally does sign on (after 3-4 attempts) - its non functioning - cannot make/receive calls or send/receive messages.


Right now - Skype is completely useless on my mobile device.

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I also have same issue it logs me out at random, that was after I redownloaded it since it would take 20 to 30 minutes to load all my messages, as such of reinstalling said app everything loads faster but the random sign outs that now take places of Skype raider crashing, it may just be that android phones are not compatible with Skype, I have the Samsung galaxy prevail and it being first with android for boost mobile, it may simply be that the OS of all android phones (whethere it be gingerbread or Droid etc) it is not as compatible with Skype as we all think it should be. And it may just be that since android and Skype clash so much that developers have yet to find a solution or it may be unsolvable until Android comes out with a better OS.
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same here too for my HTC one x
worked fine up to about 2 weeks ago then keeps logging out after max of 30 mins. tonight it logged out 2 mins after I logged in. I got my new HTC only 3 months ago because I travel a lot and need skype to stay in touch, yet now I cant and may have to go back to my old nokia N72 to see if that works for skype still. have sent feedback many times but never any replies. whats going on skype?
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Same problem here.
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Your suggestion to...


Log on to Skype Support Network.

  1. Click My Profile.
  2. Click the Subscriptions & Bookmarkstab.
  3. Change your settings and click Save Changes.

worked great, until just now! Skype just signed itself out again after a mere 12 hours!

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exsel, I could copy your text, cause I am experiencing exactly the same problem as you describe. I have the same phone. I've hade it for almost a year, and the problems started 2-3 weeks ago. Realy anoying. Do something, Skype !!
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hi kudos,

has Skype resolved this issue for you? I have the same problem with my Galaxy III


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