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skype will not stay signed in

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Novel Adventurer
The skype icon on my top bar will stay throughout the entierty of the phone being on, but skype will not stay signed in, causing me to miss msgs. Not sure if this is purposefull as the icon says "skype is signed in." Thank you in advance.
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Casual Adventurer

I received a Skype update ( 5 days ago and finally it's now working perfectly again!
Try the upgrade before you go for the downgrade.


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Novel Adventurer
I have the same problem. It might have something to do with GPS / 3G resetting the status of the wi-fi, from what I have read in other posts. I dont have 3G where I am currently located but I do notice that my DLNA resets and so does Skype.
Novel Adventurer
My wifi is always off, though I can see how the gps may affect skype. Also forgot to mention I have an orig moto droid
Novel Tourist
I have the same problem w a new Motorola Atrix running on ATT. Wifi signal is super strong plus full bars yet Skype keeps logging me out. What's up?? Clearly a bug that needs fixing.
Casual Tourist

This is still an on-going issue. The skype client on an android phone will not stay signed in. I specifically bought a skype-number and set up my cellphone forwarding so that calls to my mobile automatically forward to skype when my mobile no longer has a 3g/2g connection but does have Wifi, this works, as in I can see the forward always happens, however the problem is that the client on the android phone keeps signing out so I no longer actually receive the skype call.

If I start up the skype client on android (without any cellphone recpetion but having Wifi) for the first few minutes it will accept incoming skype calls but then it will become signed out on the skype network which I can see from a friends skype account (despite the android client saying that it is still signed in on the app). It's useless and has made the purchase of the skype-number completely pointless as it was there to guarantee that I can still receive calls on the phone when I'm in Wifi but not on 3g/2g.

Skype needs to fix the android client!!!!!!!!!

Casual Tourist

no resolution to this yet???

Casual Tourist

I am noticing the same thing on my Android phone.  Skype Mobile says I am signed in yet when I go to the application, I am not.  I intend to use Skype Mobile more and more.

Novel Adventurer

I have the same problem, i have a samsung galaxy ace - android 2.3 and it is also signing out all the time.


Why is this happening? Does anyone think it might be left unfixed on purpose? pressure from mobile companies? or is that just my conspiratorial mind playing tricks again and it is just the lazy administration of Skype?


Why does it work on Mac's iphone but not on android?

Could it be because iphones pay their bills and android is free?


Casual Adventurer

It's a problem.  Cannot rely on being able to take calls while I am travelling.  I tell people I am available, and it turns out I'm not.


I usually divert all my numbers to my Skype number while I am in Europe.  


Please please work on this, Skype developers!  Or at least acknowledge that you know about the issue, even if you do have a policy of not announcing updates.


Casual Adventurer

I've had Skype on my Galaxy SII for almost a year and it worked perfectly until about 2 weeks ago when I heard it sign itself out. Ever since, it does not retain my password so I always have to re enter it now and it only stays signed in for about 30 minutes no matter where I am or if connected to wi-fi or not!

I live abroad and rely heavily on skype to stay in touch with my children in England so this issue is now a pain for me. I hope someone has a fix for this very soon. I've uninstalled and reinstalled skype but it hasn't made any difference!

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