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skype on android 4.0.3

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Does skype runvideomessahes onandroid ver4..0.0. I only see video in butno onesees me??
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I am having tbe same problem. So frustraiting.
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Yes, Skype supports video calling on Android OS 4.x.

Take a look at the instructions here on how to perform a video call on Skype for Android:

Report back here and tell us which step fails for you and make sure you are calling a Skype user that is on the latest Skype version as well.

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Uhm...  I wish Skype supported Android 4.x so that I (and others) can switch back from TANGO because it actually works on Android 4.0/4.1.   Don't really understand Microsoft's philosophy not supporting roughly 60% of the mobile market.

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I noticed that using a certified device mentioned on the Google Play cannot complete a video call on other devices with different softwares. I tried calling from Skype Android to Skype PC, Skype Android to Skype iOS and vice versa on either android, pc, ipod, iphone and it cannot connect properly the video call. I hope Skype can improve the video call on all software platform.

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Hi, I just purchased a netbook computer from Wolvol in in NY running on Android 4.0.3. It has a built in camera and an icon for the Google Apps store (now known as Play) and for browsing. I am trying to have someone download Skype for Android 4.0.3 so that the device could be used for videoconferencing. But I'm having an enormously difficult time teaching a non-technical person at a distance how to do this. This is especially a problem since I don't have a similar device to use as a basis to talk them through. Could you please let me know the steps I must follow to download Skype? I hope it is possible to do what I want to do, including video. Otherwise I fear I might have wasted my money on this device.



P.S.: I am attaching the short user's manual where we see icons to get to the Apps Store.

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I have android of 4.0.3 and there is no option when I tap toh turn on video it doesn't show me the option of front camera and back camera please help me..
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Does anyone know how to turn the camera off? the only options under video are low and hi resolution

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