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skype on Samsung galaxy tabs

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Does skype works on Samsung galaxy tabs? And can we get video calls?

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Skype works on devices that meet the minimum requirements, which you can see here:


Video calls need at least 1Ghz device running on Android 2.3 minimum.

I recommend a search for your problem and to download the latest Skype.
To get the most out of Skype I recommend Skype Premium.
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I just bought the newest Samsung Galaxy III and i downloaded SKYPE, it does not work at all, I can sign in after about 10 or 20 attempts and then it shows no one is online at all and at times it wont sign it also, can you advise, but all other chat programs work fine Tango, Viber etc


Kindly look into this and advise

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i have same problem.

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I am having exactly the same problem ...did you receive any solutions ?

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Skype is not RESPONDING to this thread!
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I have been having the same problems and I'm seriously considering switching to an iPhone because of problems running skype on this phone. I would like to know if skype is working towards updating this application for the SIII. I am tired of having to restart my phone multiple times before I can open skype successfully, and then only to have my video call cut short after a few minutes. Please let me know if you have any solutions, suggestions, or if you can atleast reply to promise you are working toward a solution.
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Having same problem.  Skype worked briefly on my new Galaxy 3, now it not longer works. Interesting thing is that it intially allows me to log in but then when trying to obtain contacts, etc., it disconnects, and will not re-sign in.


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I am having the same issues with my s3 i am getting tired of it fast as this is the main way i communicate with one of my friends. Has anyone heard if Skype is addressing this issue?
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So.. about to but a Galaxy S III.  Is skype fixed and working on the S3?

If not..hello iphone

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