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skype on HTC wildfire S

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John,it is possible that it will never be recitified,as Skype is moving onwards & upwards.If you want an earlier version of Skype,ie,


try www freewarelovers . com / android / apps /skype old_versions .[ Not able to post direct links here.]Go to bottom of page & it shows all old versions.

If you search this link on your phone,you can download whichever version you want direct.

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On my old good nokia e71 skype was perfect and it was 369 MHz processor.
Now i have htc wildfire S and skype is virtualy impossible to use: chopped language etc...
You have the point with proximity sensor - when its used next to ear, quality is awful, with speaker phone on the quality is a bit better but still not usable..
Whats causing the problem? Different processor architecture, phone OS, poor implementation on android, function creep etc only pro could answer. What we are looking for is the answer if to bin the handset or there is skype app or solutin which actualy can be used. thank you
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I have tested the Wildfire S using both 3G and Wifi and skype is indeed very choppy and unusable with the mic and speaker. However, I have also used skype on my HTC Sensation and that works great, so it could suggest the issue is due to the CPU speed on HTC. That said, like a previous post mentioned, skype worked perfectly on my old Nokia N95 which ran at 330 MHz! So, it works on the Sensation, but not the Wildfire S and it also works on a 330MHz Nokia. I can only conclude that it is a Wildfore S issue and not all HTC, albeit a CPU, Proximity Sensor or 'other' issue.

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I bought a Wildfire S yesterday and the main reason for the purchase was to be able to keep in touch with my Son, who's emigrated to Australia, via Skype. I installed Skype from the Android Market and, like so many, found the audio so chopped as to be unusable. I was horrified. However, following martin-redman's suggestion, I went to www DOT freewarelovers DOT com/android/app/skype and downloaded version from the list of older versions. I've just made a test call to echo123 and the audio is as clear as a bell with that version of Skype.

My thanks to Martin, and I hope this helps.


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Cheers for the mention Pajaholic,i'm very pleased that it worked for you,but alas for me & my Wildfire [ not S ] i still have not found anything to get Skype to work successfuly.

Still,if i can help others,it's all worth it.

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As mentioned in above post, I can also now confirm that the freewarelovers link works perfectly on the Wildfire S. Many thanks to martin-redman and Pajaholic. 

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Thanks to you too,Thorchild..

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so this problem apears because skype 2 has proximity bug. this bug is missing from skype 1 and this is reason why it works good
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Yes, it does work on wifi.
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I bought the fone couple of days back, same problem !! But I din't reinstall the app or anything, I just use my 'Handsfree' during the skype calls, It works Perfect !! Yeah but the sound, without the Accessory is simply Impossible !! Worked for me, All the best !!

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