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skype on HTC wildfire S

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Have new version of mobile skype version and its terrible, i cant make a call as sound is awful, have reinstalled several times abd tried differant contacts and still the same !!!! anyone else have same problem or know a fix for this ?? please need help on this

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Come on Mark,sit back & read this forum before asking this question.There are 16 pages of people asking the same question........

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I have the exact same problem, it is very frustrating because the quality is so bad that it is impossible to even use it... Please help us fix this problem... I welcome any ideas anybody might have about how to fix the problem. Sound quality is very bad: robotic sounds, words being cut off, delay and lag in words...

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There is NO cure,the  CPU speed is too slow for the Skype app.Htc Wildfire is 528mhz max.with screen on & a lot lower when screen goes off with proximity sensor[ie power saver].The Skype app. needs over 600mhz to work.The only way is to up your cpu,but that is a bit dodgy.Go to youtube & type in,android root premission, & then also look at android cpu overclocking.

Have YOU got the bottle to do these operations? If so,please report back.!!

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According to my phobe setting the CPU speed is 600Mhz not the lower speed you mention.


According to this website that should be enough however it isn't, just as all these other people state.


Is the Wildfire S settings screen bending the truth (lying?) when it states the speed at 600Mhz? Where does the lower figure come from?

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My sicere apologies to you all, i mis read the title & didn't notice the ''S''.Sometimes i come on here way too late & the brain cells are vacating !!! Plus i now live in Turkey & we are 2hrs ahead of the UK.

I was lead to believe that a cpu speed in excess of 600mhz is required to run Skype.In fact a Skype employee did write this fact on another part of these forums quite some time ago.

I am trying to ''overclock'' my Wildfire [not ''S''] but am having a few problems at present.

Although your phones cpu might kick out 600mhz when the screen is on,bear in mind that when the proximity sensor cuts in & the screen goes blank & into battery saving mode,the cpu speed drops,so therefore it would be less than 600mhz & still give the choppy sound.

If you want to know what YOUR phone is kicking out[as opposed to what the manufactures say then go to the andriod market & find,  AnTuTu Master free v1.8. Download & then check your phones speed.

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I want to buy an HTC Wildfire S and I am still not sure if it works with Skype. Now I know it has no secondary camera (so no video calls), and I'm ok with that. I am just interested if Skype Internet Calls feature works. I've read the technical specifications, and it appears that both the screen resolution, and the processor should be compatible.

I would like to hear it from some users though.....Does Skype work (on Wi-fi) if installed on the Wildfire S?


Thank you!

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Hi Diana,may i sugest you start a new thread,as your post here may be lost here under someone else's question.Therefore you may not get any replies to your query.

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you cannot make voice calls on htc, because current skype version has proximity sensor bug, which prevents from using voice calls. Sound will be choppy even on 1.2 Ghz top level smartphone
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mkalex - are you aware of when this will be fixed? been waiting for quite a few weeks now and there is also no way of downgrading back to the previous version :-(
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