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skype for tablet archos 101

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Novel Adventurer
Dear Skype, I would like to have a skype on my tablet: Archos 101. But in any way i couldnt find the right file to be downloaded to my tablet. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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Novel Adventurer

Just a note: If youare running an old version of the archos 101 firmware, you will be able to load but will not have will be connection will work fine.


When I bought my tablet it had an older version of firmware on it and I had this problem.


I had to manually update the firmware (not thru the "update firmware" function of the tablet -- that didnt work).  The next to the newest firmware update 9I think it is 4.65??) fixed the black video box problem.


Now, Skype does work fine.

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Casual Adventurer
The first thing you need to do is go to AppsLib and download Arctools 0.50 and download the default Apps & market. This will give you Market for android, now serch and download Skype from Market. It should work good for you..
Novel Adventurer

Thank you for excellent steps you've mentioned. GBU.

Casual Tourist

Hi ! I ahave a similar issue with ARCHOS 70. I tried the solution recommended for ARCHOS 101, but it doesn't work. Anybody knows how to solve the issue and download SKYPE on my tablet? Thanks.


Novel Adventurer
The solution does njot work! So please give us a new solution or explain an altinate means of sdownload to use skype on our archos 101
Novel Adventurer

I dont know why skype is not allowing us to use there service on archos 101 tablet. Its like the big secret being kept from us on how to get skype downloads. Skype should know that archos is not connecting with the android market and we need an alternative download method! Please skype help us to use your service by making your software available for us direct from your home site or an alternate to the reg android market!

Novel Adventurer

May I know where exactly the problem was? At which step?

Thank you.

Novel Adventurer

I have got working on archos 101 just upgraded to lastest version of skype

works great

Novel Adventurer
see my post
Casual Tourist

I am sory but i don't find  SKYPE on the Android Market where what categorie than i can find it



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