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skype for tablet archos 101

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Go to the regular apps store and find the "Android Superstore" app and install it. Then open the new "Android Superstore" app and search for skype. you WILL find it there. I installed it and tested it on my Archos 101 and it works great.
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drmike, I was able to find and download the Skype app, thanks to your post!  


However, though it does run on my Archos 101, I cannot seem to get my camera to work with it (or ooVoo for that matter).  The call goes thru fine and I can hear the other person and they can hear me, and I can see the other person, but they cannot see me and I cannot see myself either in Skype.  Any ideas?  Thanks for the help!


I have downloaded from Android Market but audio ok and video does still not work

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Thanks - this really works. After thrashing around for a couple of days for ever encountering "There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account." and being told by Archos that "We do not support third party applications, we invite you to contact the developer of this application for further information." I was about to give up.

I'm new to Skype and haven't tried it yet but the program loads and gives every impression that it is going work OK.

So thank you Matthew, now I won't tear out any more hair!

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Just a note: If youare running an old version of the archos 101 firmware, you will be able to load but will not have will be connection will work fine.


When I bought my tablet it had an older version of firmware on it and I had this problem.


I had to manually update the firmware (not thru the "update firmware" function of the tablet -- that didnt work).  The next to the newest firmware update 9I think it is 4.65??) fixed the black video box problem.


Now, Skype does work fine.

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Hi Zavetsky,


Thanks for your help, I was able to get skype but the video as u said is black.

I am unable to find where I can get the newest firmware update as suggested by u.

What was the version ? Where did u find it ?

Your help will be appreciated



Amar Chawla

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You can get thfirmware at the archos website


2.4.81 is thecurrent version, but I am running 2.4.65.  Havent tried the new version yet but I am sure it works fine.


Good luck!

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I'm running 2.4.81 but don't seem to have webcam. Voice works fine but no ability to make video calls

Any suggestions?
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Have archos tablet but try download 0.50arctools but dont work only show me arctools & dont work :-(, and want have skype.
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Hi, i'm 62year old let loose with an Arcos101 who would love to have Skype on my 101 tablet. I tried your suggestion and have got the install done BUT it went my HTC PHONE. I'm probably doing somthing wrong. Pleez how can i get skype on my archos 101 tablet.
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