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skype for Htc desire

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I can not install skype for my htc desire hd both
from market and skype website. Why skype does not support this? I'm in Vietnam and I need skype for my business. Please help. Thanks
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Community Manager

We released a new version this morning. Can you try now. More countries are now supported
Allen Smith
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you say you release it ....BUT where is it  ???
from  which URL ???

I'm in italy  do you think it could work here ???   thanks  joe 

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I am in Mexico trying to use my HTC Deire to call home.

Despite setting my Display Setting to 30 minute time out, when I make a call, my phone goe blank after a few seconds and looes all audio.

If I shake the phone the display re-appears and audio is resumed. This all happens again a few seconds later. 

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If someone could advice me on this:


I am using Skype on my Desire HD.

I have upgrade my Skype to the recent new update. And I have update my Android system when it asked me early this afternoon.


I realised that I received the message fine when I logged in, but after the screen locked, and the phone is dimmed, I cannot received messages, even when my friends said I appear online and visible for chat. I have the screen locked to save battery. I found from another forum somewhere (sorry didn't save the link) that Skype function like a computer, when the phone sleeps, it will not received the message. Is it still true for the new version of Skype? Using HTC DHD, sleep is an important features to make the battery last longer. 


If such features are not yet available, could you please proposed it to the dev so that Skype continue to be on even when the computer went to sleep like Viber software (currently beta). Thank you very much.

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