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skype app, contacts, and country codes (a list of annoyances)

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Casual Adventurer

This is just a list of complaints about the application, and I would appreciate any assistance solving any of these problems (or perhaps some acknowledgement that they will be fixed in later versions of the android app).


I have skype set up as my default dialer (so when I use the normal dialer it actually uses skype). When I make a call to someone in my contacts list (contacts in phone, not skype contacts), it doesn't show their name along with the number, which is fairly annoying.


More annoying is that, for most of my contacts (again, contacts in phone, not skype app), I have only 10 digit numbers for them (I live in the US and most of my calls are to the US). So, if I try dialing those, I get an error saying that it needs the country code. Can I specify a default country code somehow?


Phone: Galaxy Nexus

Android 4.0.1


Skype app version

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Casual Tourist

I have the same problem when I use Skype on my Thunderbolt.  I go to Call Phones, then I select the small phonebook icon near the top right of my screen, and I am presented with my standard list of Contacts from Google (not stored on SIM).  I use the search feature to type in a partial name, select the desired contact, and their phone number does appear in the Call Phones phone number window, but if I try to call I get the red circle with an exclamation point and the red box with msg "Wrong number Please include coutnry code (e.g. +44 1234567)".  If I manually edit the number to remove the +1, it still does not work. 


If I use the magnifying glass icon instead of the phonebook icon, I get a different kind of search window (slower, but it seems to work).  But I get the same result once I select the desired contact - a GREY box with the same msg about "Wrong number".


It's maddening.  I have to look up a number, try to memorize it, then leave the Contacts App and fire up Skype and then manually dial the number.  HELP.

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