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skype for android - video doesn't work

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I upgraded today my skype (Motorola zoom) and video stopped working.

Is it a bug in the version ?

Anyone know how can I install the previous version ?

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Same here with Motorola Droid razr. Camera stopped working with the update

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Any thoughts? This is happening to me too. 

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I am having the same problem with my Motorola Atrix.  It used to work just fine, and then all of the sudden, I can call out with video calls, and receive them, but after literally 2 seconds into the video call, everything freezes and I have to disconnect. I have no issues on my iPad, or computer. Just the stupid phone... I'm about to take this phone back and go for the iPhone 4S!

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I am unable to complete video calls on Samsung Galaxy2. It starts the video call and immediately switches to voice. The same phone works with Google Talk.


Android 2.3.6
Baseband S710.10.S.El29
Build Number: GINGERBREAD.EL29
HardwareVersion: D710.10

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