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"Enter" key doesn't send message via Bluetooth Keyboard

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Just like the subject says, the enter key creates a new line, instead of sending a message. I wanted to know if anyone knew a different key mapping that sends the message. I'm used to the shift+enter to do a new line, so, I'm somewhat clueless as to how to fix this. I hooked up a keyboard to NOT have to touch the phone (doing lots of things at once). 

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I'm having the same problem. I just got my first tablet today after years of using a netbook. I got a bluetooth keyboard because I still wanted the ease and speed of a real keyboard when I needed it. I have found that hitting "enter" creates a new line rather than sending my message. The mobile version of skype seems to be a significantly cutdown version of the full skype that I am used to on pc, having almost no customization options. Typing my message on my keyboard then having to tap the screen to send makes skype pretty close to unusable.

Novel Adventurer

Here's how to send a text message in Skyp (and any App) with a bluetooth keyboard without touching the screen on your android phone. (Might work on other operating systems)
You can change the focus of the keyboard from one field to the next with the [ tab ] key (forward) and the [ shift ] + [ tab ] key (backwards).
I found that by pressing [ tab ] key several times, the focus (yellow box) moved from the text entry field to the [ Send ] button (a blue circle with a white arrow pointing to the right). I was then able to press the  [ enter ] key to send a message without touching the screen.
After pressing the [ enter ] key to send the message the cursor and focus (yellow box) went to the add attachment button (a small blue circle with a "+" symbol inside), then I used the [ right arrow ] key to move to the text entry field and type another text message. The keyboard [ esc ] key works like the phones back button.
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Also try pressing and holding the [ command ] key then press [ tab ] then the [ down arrow ] then the [ enter ] key. This should let you switch between active Apps using the left and right arrow keys and  [ enter ] to select an App. Have fun!

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