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old version back

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Strange. if the auto-update is off, nothing should happen. Suggestion : auto-update off, uninstall Skype completely. Download old version. Run the .apk file, that should do it.

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I have links to all versions for andrios my favorite is this one
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Just fixed my Galaxy Mega 6.3 to Old version

1.  uninstall Skype

2.  turn off auto update @ Google Play

3.  restart your phone, 

4.  download old version



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Thank you very much armageddon 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just fixed my Samsung mega 6.3

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I have repeatedly installed old versions 2 and 3, but by the time I sign into my account, the most recent version has already installed itself. The new version seems to be working except that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 microphone does not transmit voice, and neither do I hear the dialling sounds nor the person who answers the call. Any suggestions?
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Thank you
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Version 3.2 appears to be working fine on my Tesco Hudl tablet. The latest version only kept crashing, even made the operating system restart. Thanks a lot.
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if you ftnd out please let me know

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Hi Leonwilki,


A number of people are reporting that the new Skype (16/12/13) works well on the Hudl tablet.  If you find that it does not suit your needs, try reverting to an older more reliable Skype (tablet) or alternatively Skype Skype (mobile), until a satisfactory new version of Skype is released?  This is what I, and many others are doing :-)


Regards, BGW.514


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