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kyocera rise Virgin cell phone and skype.

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I'm very confused.


One of the reasons I bought the above phone was that I was told that when my minutes ran out, if I connected to skype, I could talk free. Then after I bought it, I was told that I first had to put $10 on it and then I could speak as long as I liked. Then after that I was told that, no, the $10 was just until the minutes ran out. So now I've just been told, well, no. I first have to get a skype number and that costs $18.00.


I'm confused. Why on earth would I want to pay both Skype and virgin? And what is it that I'm actually getting. I don't want two telephone numbers for the same phone. It's too confusing. I prefer things easy and simply. And what is the point of paying skype if I can just pay Virgin.  


Please can someone explain to me what I've bought. How many minutes did I buy with $10.00. And how can I use them if I don't have a Skype telephone number.


I'm very confused.

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I'm a longtime user of Skype (Not an admin)

I can't tell you how many minutes you've bought, but you're using "Skype credits" with your $10. This is different from having your own phone number and an actual plan with Skype. There are at least wo different types of plans. And then there is SKYPE ID TO SKYPE ID , which is always free. (Even on the Rise with u/l data).

To seperate the newbie confusion, I recommend working with Skype on your home computer for a while. Then you will see if you like if and if you are in the plan that you like. Because honestly, Virgin doesn't give a rats behind if you use Skype. They will however, lower your data rate if you go over a certain amount per month (Even though it says unlimited, they will throttle speeds.)

How many minutes that $10 buys you depends on where you called TO. You need to look up the list of domestic and international rates. Request your phone #. Also, SKYPE ID TO SKYPE ID is always free just like YAHOO VOICE TO YAHOO VOICE , etc., You were able to purchase the $10 because you had a Skype ID. Now, cop to learning what plan is best for you, and use them properly! And start saving. Talk soon Good luck.
PS How do you like the Rise? I found your post while looking for a Rise review. Thanks.

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