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incoming call noticifaction ring volume

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i cannot get the incoming ring volume up on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. i simply cannot hear it.

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I agree. Why have they failed to implement such a vital function? It's really remarkable, puzzling, intriguing, baffling, confusing?? I just don't get it.
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Has this been answered yet anywhere?

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I am not quite sure about your Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, but the following on the Galaxy Phones may help.

Skype uses the "Media" volume and not the standard "Incoming Call" volume. You'll find the Media Volume under  >Settings  >Sounds  >Volume

Slide the volume control of the "Media" selection to the right and you should get a loude ring tone.

The default Skype ringtone is the "Modern" ringtone sound the same as the PC, except the Android phone Skype ringtone is currently not able to be changed to another choice ringtone sound.  It should sound loud enough if you use your mobile phone's cable headset/mic plugged in, but the speaker (in my opinion) is not very loud as I find on my Samsung Galaxy S2 device.

To my knowledge, there is no option to make the ringtone louder, other than to check your Media Volume selection is on full.


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Thanks, Steve. I hope this works!

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Where do we alert Skype to change/modify this? I find it apalling that so far they didnt provide personal user options for such a central theme.

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go to settings/sounds/general/valume/notification.
That will fix it
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In i don't have a ring tone selection. Why cant we define our ringtone? This one id pathetic! I made a short video showing how cheezy the ring is:


Cheesy forum wont even embed a link correctly!

Doc @DocsPlaceOnline
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