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htc wildfire choppy sound

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I own an Htc wildfire and I have recently installed skype 2.1 and the problem where sound is interrupted does not seem to have improved, is there anything I must do in order to fix this issue or is it simply a malfunction on the software itself?




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I have the same problem. I have tried at different wi-fi's and get voice break up or dropped call.

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well known problem, too many users have this bug on skype version 2.*
Just download old version 1.*, it works better and this bug is missing.

Skype know about this bug, but dont fix it, because they dont want support android platform - marketing wars...
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Have tried finding old skype version 1. Can you direct me?

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Search for '''' then find old skype apps.All shown there & you can download straight on your phone.Mind you ,i did this & it made no difference,as the Wildfire[& others] have a proccessor speed of 528mhz & skype needs 600mhz to run smoothly.

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Many thanks for this. I was disheartened when it did not work.
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