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how do i remove contacts from "people" in Android?

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For some reason there are 107946 contacts listed in my "View Contacts" page of the "People" Apps on my HTC Evo 4G phone.   How do I get rid of them all?

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Community Manager
How is the question related to Skype? Are these Skype contacts?

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Yes, they are all Skype contacts.   I do not know how they got into my phone and need to get them out.

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I had this once on one of my Skype downloads.I had masses of people,at least 100 of which 80 i had never heard of.So i uninstalled & reinstalled & all was good.

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I tried this already but it would not let me uninstall the unwanted Skype contacts.   It said I had to wipe the entire phone of all data and essentially it required starting all over for all my settings and data for all apps.


Why can Skype not fix something it created without the hassle to me????

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I just uninstalled the skype app. from the phone & re installed it.Depending on which version you install,you MAY be asked if you want contacts from your phone,f/book or just skype transfered.Naturally then you will just want your skype contacts.

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It is very simple.

1. Login to your account from Skype for Android.

2. Press "Settings"

3. Change "Sync Contacts" option to Don't sync.


That's all!

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Thanks, I had the same issue.  I deleted all my "non Skype" entries from Skype because it created duplicates for one already in my contacts.  But, they remained even after clearing the cache/data.  As they are read-only I can't remove them through the phone.  I do like having the Skype connections for people who "already exist" in my Google phone book without having to import extra ones.  Is there a way to selectively sync your Skype contacts or is it all or nothing?

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I have people in my list that dont have skype and I need to remove them, all I can find is how to add in my skype Contacts!

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