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galaxy tab 2 7.0

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How do you use skype video calls on the galaxy tab 2 7.0?
Ive tried 10 different things an nothing works

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I need to return my galaxy tab 2 7.  unfortunate---I like it a lot, but I need skype.


skype simply does not work on the galaxy tab 2 7.  I wish they just removed it, instead of pretending that it works on the device.


skype sometimes just waits forever and does not sign in.  it sometimes logs in and then suddenly logs itself out.  it sometimes freezes.  the one thing that it can do reliably is not initiate a (video) call.  at that point, it definitely freezes.


I hope someone puts out an open-source open-protocol video calling app that just works everywhere.



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I was just going to buy it right now from amazon...after reading this I wont anymore ! thx for sharing this info, I planned buying it intended for skype use only, now I need to choose another better product. Technology always so many problems.... so basic failures as that, skype wont work... shame on Samsung. Again thanks. I ve read in so many foruns people with problems after reading this posts.

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