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front camera won't work on my Android tablet

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I have a zto tablet with a ffc only and when I try and video chat with people I can see them but they can only hear me...on my screen where I should see me its just a black box and that is what the other people see on the other end too. I tried looking for a way to change it...when I touch the screen during the video chat I get an option for back video camera but that didn't do anything...any thoughts?
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I am having this same issue with my Android Pandigital tablet as well. Both the front and back cameras only show up as a black screen for me and the person i am talking too, but i can see them just find.
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Same here, except the other person sees green and the back camera doesn't work either. mine is a toshiba android tab. 

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Have you enabled video calling near the end of the Skype setting menu?
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hi BOB42!
Can you tell me how to do this exactly? I can't see any options to do this when I [ress setting on the main screen of skype on my tablet.
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Go to the Skype menu,scroll down to near the end,if your tablet is compatable there'll be an option for video calls.Not all tablets are compatable,I have a MID703 with Skype already installed
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mine either got the same kind have you got yours to work yet?

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I fixed it by opening up the Skype settings, turning "allow video calls" off, then back on. Try that?

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this is Ridiculous Im using my ACER ICONIA A200 and skype wont work right... it continues to show a giant black screen, on both my side and the recievers...
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I have the Samsung Galaxy Note and it has the same issue. Shows an empty square for a few seconds then tells me my camera is off. If I turn it on, empty square then turns itself off. Same thing on my Galaxy s2 phone. Camera doesn't work. I can see them but they can't see me. Bummer since the hubs is in Denmark for a week and can't see the kids. His Iphone does it just fine. What's the deal Skype?? This sucks!!
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