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front camera for thunderbolt

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Casual Tourist
This really need to be solved, the videocall feature without front camera is useless.
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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem... frustrating. Skype please fix this!

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Novel Tourist

Same problem please fix ASAP or your video app is useless. 

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Novel Tourist

Same issue.  This NEEDS to get fixed.  I can't believe how stupid this is.  I mean seriously... no ffc access?  Get on it Skype!

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Novel Tourist
Yes we need this fixed, no point to having a front facing camera if you can't do video chat?
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Novel Tourist
I totally agree and I am major disappointed in this. It's pointless. I bought this phone with the intention of video calling.
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Novel Adventurer
WHEN will the ffc get fixed on the thunderbolt! WHEN!?
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Novel Tourist

What, you don't like showing your toes off when skyping? Can't you just point the back camera at a mirror? My son and I video skyped just fine by pointing our back cameras at each other--ok it helps to be in the same room. Now, for any realistic uses for skype, I will have to wait till the front camera works. FYI, my son tried downloading gingerbread on his thunderbolt 2.2 and that didn't allow ffc either. Dang.

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Novel Tourist
This does need to be fixed. It is ridiculous that skype would not support the front camera. The video application can do it just fine. Why can Skype not handle this simple task?
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Novel Tourist
First world problem
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