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enter key on tablet

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im am trying to IM on my galaxy tab gt-p7500 I can type a message but cannot send as their is no send button is their a way to send im messages

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I have also same tab and same problem. Only possible way seems to write text, touch home button(house shape icon on lower left). then select again from ap manager skype and send button apares, you should touch it as soon asi possible because touching on typing enything else and in is lost again.
And litlebit OT.

Microsoft did buy skype. Before this it worked perfectly. As we know windows live messenger was pice of sh.t. Now those same retarded messenger programmers totaly ruined skype. It is slow, it crashes, and they eaven managed somehow to ruin send button. So please microsoft, if your programmers are total idiots do not buy things when you can not make it better. New skinn is olso for blind people. Icons are SO LARGE, probably you can see them from moon. Start time to look other im witch is not fu..ed by microsoft.  
An now best part, WHO gives microsoft right to install updates automaticly. I turned it off so other programs just notify that there is update. Then I entered ap store and wow skype starts  installing without asking.

we  know from windows that with every update that clames to fix problems it creates problems. In windows it is possible to block this.  Loosing send button, I am software writer olso and i know that you have to be total retarded idiot to make such bug. Give skype back to estonian developers, atleast then it works.

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When using a Bluetooth keyboard with my Samsung tablet, it seems that the only way to post a text message is to touch the send icon on the screen, which is often hidden. It would be good to have a control key to post the message.
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i have the same problem with my sony xperia z tablet
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