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does Skype video work on Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch Tablet PC

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can confirm the same, hurrah !!

Thanks Skype
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Yes Yes Yes  it works fine  but I had to choose the lower video quality(in skype settings)  at first as I got a white screen when logging in to skype then 

I force closed the skype application and

I restarted skype there

I lowered the video quality  in the skype settings.

and it worked fine but as expected the asus transformer  video camera ain't the sharpest but works for me.

now I can say I am Happy :bigsmile:

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I was so fed up with Honeycomb and waiting for Skype than I've purchased an ipad!

I will wait now for TF201 and/or Ipad 3...

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No it does not - Skype has not provided the support. 

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Ditto--Skype's support on this issue is truly disappointing.
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where are u as i am still waiting for an update
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really?? your confusing me. "There are now options in the settings to enable video. It does say it's not supported.....but IT WORKS!!" how to do this.

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Ok,,,, it works,,,,, read my post regarding the A500 and the EEE Xformer.... It worked stellarly on both tablets, talking to one another...



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If you have the new Asus TF101 Transformer (tablet and keyboard) you can Skype. It took me a while but I finally got instructions that work extremelly well and easy to do. Got them from Asus support. Here's what they wrote. It came with screen shots and all!


Video Conference on Skype V2.5 is now supported on TF101 (Skype V2.5 is available via android market). You will need to enable the video conference manually.

Menu -> Settings -> Video calls -> Enable video calling →Re-login, then your Skype video conference will work!


Thank you to Skype team for making this happen!  : -)

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