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does Skype video work on Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch Tablet PC

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I'm thinking of buying a Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch Tablet PC (nVidia Tegra2 1GHz, 1Gb, 16Gb eMMC, WLAN, BT, Android 3.0) but I have read some reviews that suggest you cannot use skype video?


Does anyone have any information ref this problem?


Many thanks

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I am struggeling with the same problem. Cannot find any button to allow video in skype on my Asus EEEpad transformer. My android version is 3.1. This must be possible, isn't it?

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Same problem. Starting to regret that i get Android instead of iPad in the first place
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Skype does NOT work on Tegra2 devices at the moment, sadly.
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Sorry, meant Skype video clearly.
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I have the same problem with my Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 and I know we are a lot of people with the same problem and I hope Skype developers do the necesary to solve this issue.


I'll be waiting the solution and I'll be lookingfor the aplication that can do that Skype can't do by the moment.


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Today is July 29, 2011. I own EeePad w/ HoneyComb and Skype DOES NOT have video working. I haven't test voice yet...probably that won't work either. Hope we going to hear about some forward strategy from Skype soon. Support Android or not??? I believe they are so in bed w/ the carriers that the Android tablet world will just get ignore. BTW, Apple works...hmm.

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There are only a view android tablets that are working with Skype video, soon there will be more.

Till that time I'm using Gmail for using the webcam on my Transformer.

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Also seeking video support for Asus Transformer.  Audio works but no video.

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come on Skype....this is really annoying. last year this time you announced Skype with video was coming to Android by December...and each time you have made any progress toward the entirety of that statement their has been disappointment with each little inch of progress. FirstVerizon phones only, then you added video support to iPhone, then finally video support for only a few Android models, now Ipad, but not Android Honeycomb tablets? Come on! One disappointment after another.
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