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crackling sound

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Casual Tourist
Same here! It happens the same way with Max Payne Mobile though, so I suspect the problem lies with ICS/the HTC implementation of it. Nonetheless it should not be unfixable for either company... Word is Jelly Bean might fix it, but it's only been 2 months since ICS was released for my EVO3D, so who knows when it'll come out.

I suggest everyone also write a ticket to HTC, so all of 'em get moving and fix this...
Novel Tourist
HTC one XL, and I too get the crackling sound. Moved from an old HD2 Windows 6.5, and an unsupported version of Skype, which had perfect sound quality, to this crackle. Along with sign out issues, people showing as offline, this version of Skype is proving very buggy :-(
Novel Tourist

Same issue..hear on android tab.......Even skype has issues once MS brought it!!!!!!

Novel Tourist

An entire YEAR later and yet not one staff memeber has even posted a reply. I use skype as my mobile provider.. yet this sound is irritating enough to just delete the app and stop paying yearly. Worst part is the support from skype.

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