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bug report, feature request

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I'd like to report some bugs/missing features I've experienced with Skype for Android version


My phone is a Nexus S running vanilla Android 2.3.4.




1) The password of my Skype account is not saved when automatic login is disabled. I have to re-enter it everytime when Skype is restarted. This could be interpreted as a security feature, but I guess for most users this is just annoying.


2) The (online) status is not saved and thus does not carry over from session to session. I am used to this (very useful!) behavior from the Skype desktop clients. E.g., when I use the status "invisible", quit Skype and start it again, the client should be in state "invisible". This is the case for desktop clients and it should be the same in Skype for Android (but it isn't at the moment). Again, this is rather annoying.


3) Improve (or perform?) echo cancellation. I can not use the loudspeaker with audio calls on my Nexus S with this version of Skype for Android because the far end is experiencing massive echos. In my case the far end client was the latest version of Skype for Mac.


4) Fix the Skype service and make it compliant to the specification in the Android SDK.



Feature request:


1) I would like to run Skype selectively and not all the time my phone is powered on. Therefore Skype should either save the password when automatic login is disabled, or it should not be started automatically after booting the system and additionally there should be the possibility to quit Skype completely.



I hope to see these improvements in future versions of Skype for Android.



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"1) I would like to run Skype selectively and not all the time my phone is powered on. Therefore Skype should either save the password when automatic login is disabled, or it should not be started automatically after booting the system and additionally there should be the possibility to quit Skype completely."

This annoyance has to be fixed, or at least give users the option of tailoring it the way they want it rather than an arbitrary call by Skype techs.

The need for an simplified exit routine cannot be exaggerated, having to signout and 'back' all the way to exit program is clunky and cumbersome.
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I'm in the middle of trading stocks where seconds are critical and suddenly out of the blue skype decides to update and it automatically re-installs intself.  During that process, it completely takes over the computer.  I can't do a **bleep** thing...even control alt delete won't run task manager to stop all the nonsense.  Net result loss of thousands of dollars.  someone get me answer to this problem which is twofold: 1. Skype runs automatically when windows boots up. and 2. Skype auto updates whenever it **bleep** well feels like it.  Again, someone get me answer or its time to start a lawsuit.

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I'm using Skype on my HTC Desire. Since I made an update to v2.0.0.47 I noticed it very often changes its status from "offline" to "online" when reconnecting to the internet.

Is there any chance to:

- fix the above mentioned problem

- include an option which will allow me to choose if I want Skype (or not) to switch on during phone's boot-up

- include "Exit" button?


I've been using Skype for seven years, and I really love it. I think it's the one of the best programs invented ever. Unfortunately, I recently found there are some basic features which are missing (of course I mean the Skype for Android).


Kind Regards,

Piotr Rozycki 


Skype has settings that remove the auto-update feature entirely.


It is not Skype's fault that you did not make yourself aware of this.

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Hi. I haven't seen new posts, so I hope youse guys still read this. I have an HTC Sensation 4G (TMOUS). I like the newest iterration of skype but I was hoping for 2 things: 1. Even if you put an exit button in, or not, can we have the ability for the App to remember our password like on the WinMo 6 version? That would be great so I could log on to call or whatever even if I was driving and having to re-enter pwd each time is a pain. 2) Please animate the emoticons! It's a Skype specific touch that I really enjoy.

As far as having to back all the way out... Just tap the skype on the top right to go to the home screen of skype.
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I have a Samsung Exhibit ii 4G on the latest version of skype for Android (that's and I have been having a problem with the video chat not appearing correctly on my device's screen; it appears in the bottom in a tiny, oddly shaped rectangular window and appears upside-down no matter which way I tilt the phone, or if the other person's video is on then my video appears in a normal sized window but is still upside-down, no matter the orientation of the phone. Please fix this ASAP. Also a feature request: make it so that when I rotate the phone the video looks normal to the other person, not rotated.



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Hello developers,

I have encountered some problems in your Skype for android app and would like to bring them to your notice.

Firstly, I am using a nexus 4 device running on android 4.3.

The app acts in a very wierd way. Whenever I try to call anyone the call fails automatically. When someone tries to call me i cannot recieve the call and the busy tone is automatically sent to the caller. Moreover if by chance a call is connected, my whole screen is filled with huge amount of unwanted data. And all of a sudden the call drops and mobile **bleep**s down. I gave attched snapshota of the issuses encountered.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Joshi

ok there is a bug with android kyocera phone when u use my keyboard to send my message i have t press on back totch back on the message and send it by the button of the screen thats pissing off a little

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