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Casual Tourist

Tried on 2 Android devices, same behaviour

1. Samsung Galaxy S3. Android 4.1.2

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.1.2

Skype in the latest version


Device: New Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

Every other application from this Android devices works perfect with the Headset.

I have paired them as well with an ASUS laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 and even Skype works well there.


When calling I can hear the ringing through the Bluetooth devices, then when the other side pick up I hear 1 second of sound and then the sound switches to the Android device speakers. I won't hear anything else in the Bluetooth Headset.


I have seen several people in the forum describing the same behaviour.


This Sony Headset is the lastest from Sony and it's getting very popular because of the performance and the cheap price compared with others.


I have been paying Skype since more than 5 years and I would like to continue using it.


Best regards.

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Novel Adventurer

I am now having the same problem. I hear it ring through the bluetooth but as soon as the call pick up is switches over to speaker. I can't seem to find any settings which will force the audio to go through the bluetooth. I've tried THREE different bluetooth devices and they all do the same thing, so it's not a problem with bluetooth. 

Does ANYONE have a solution?

Casual Tourist

Exactly the same problem, but with Sony SBH50. Will it be resolved sometime?

Casual Tourist

hi, i had the same problem with bt on S3., but after some sleepnes nights i solved a kind of the problem so i can use my bt headphone.



you can hear and speak without a problem with bt and headphone.



when you receive a call it rings at the phone and headset at the same time.

you have to accept the call on the phone, wont accept by headset.

after finish the call press the red button or wait till the other side hangs up and music will continue in the headset


if you use an other dsp manger like me , i use viper, i have to switch the bt of and on again to get

my settings for my music.


i find did the only best solution i could find after weeks of searching the internet.


how to:

download old version of skype and install in your phone.

login in and evrything should work.

skype will than auto update and install the latest version but the bt headset still works .


hope i could help you , good luck.

Novel Tourist

Works perfectly!!!


Novel Adventurer

Can confirm that it's the exactly the same with Jabra Talk, Plantronics Voyager Pro and Plantronics Voyager Legend headset. A little birdy tells me if you take Skype right the way back from V4 to V2 ie circa pre 2010, it works! Skype, I am a paying customer too, can you fix it or do I look to Viber, which works. I see a lot of posts on this one, but very little replys from Skype.

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