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Why can't I use skype when using a mobile hotspot device?

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I have a tablet that I can use Skype for calling when at home (my wifi at home). I have a T mobile hotspot device for when I can't connect to free wifi when out and about. I have found that though I connect to Skype, I cannot make any calls. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Jan Antonell

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I have a Virgin Mobile hotspot and use Skype with it regularly. Suggest: start the web browser on your device before you start Skype and make sure you can get to an internet site. I have noticed that if a hotspot requires you click ok to something, Skype will NOT display a pop-up. Skype will simply fail to connect.
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Thank you!!!!


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Hi there

I am considering getting a virgin wireless hotspot (overdrive pro). Would you say that the connection/speed you get is good enough to skype comfortably?


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