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Where can I find an older version of Skype Mobile for Android??

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I'm sorry, but this latest update is just.... BAD BAD BAD! I need an older version, anything that is older than a week from today is great! The real problem is not that I can't hear the ring of incoming calls anymore, or the fact that I no longer stay logged in on my phone. I've swallowed those.... The real rub is that incoming skype calls are all routed over the loudspeaker of my Galaxy S1 i9000. I can't believe it! No privacy, and NO WAY for me to shut off that option. To test it, I had my daughter update her GS1 i9000 too, and ... lo and behold, the same problem. Talk about a breach of privacy and sensitive data in public! And of course I found out about this bug as I got an emergency call from an addict friend of mine who called me instead of reaching out for his substance of choice. Important call. I'm proud of the guy. I had to stay on the phone and talk him through it - it's not one of those calls you shut off and say, "call me later." BUT THIS IS NOT FOR OTHERS IN THE TRAIN TO HEAR!!!! Please, where can I go back to last week's version of skype for android? This guy, if nothing else, needs me to be available. Thanks Jera
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Edit: I found some helpful answers from some of you other troubled souls farther down on the forum thread. Bless you all! I googled Skype v1.0.0.983 Download as several of you suggested. I'm trying to get the current version off my phone (which is proving a bit difficult), then it's back to the old version.
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check apk file, because someone can insert trojan into it. You can check it by MD5, it should be CB5100495DAD27C94CB0751118168666 for 

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Thanks for the warning, mkalex.
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if you try to insatll the older version i.e. the newer version gets automatically uninstalled and the older version gets installed. Then your phone skype is back to its old self again
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Hi Jera07,


My partner is facing similar problems, and is looking for the exact same solution of using the older version.  I know you have posted Skype version v1.0.0.983 (I have also posted in another thread where someone is advising the same), but just wanted to know, ( and taking into consideration Mkalex's warning about the threat of a trojan) if you have managed to successfuly get Skype working again on your mobile phone?


If so, can you please please please pm me the link with instructions of how and where I can download and install the working version of Skype, so me and my partner can chat again, as the cost of calling cards is proving to be far too costly.


Many thanks in advance.

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Awesome, I just found the old copy of Skype(v1.0.0.983 ). Just copy the APK to your SD card and run it.


Just Google "Skype version v1.0.0.983" and the first thing that comes up is from Mobile Planet.

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Rhdevries: Thank you for your post! Just wanted to ask you, how will Skype be downloaded from the mentioned website?


Will I need to download Skype from that website to my laptop then from my laptop to my phone?




Can I just go to the website using the internet on my phone, and download it directly from my mobile phone?

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I downloaded the APK to my computer and then transfered to mySD card. Then run from there. However you also should be able to do it directly with your phone.

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Rhdevries: I have just followed your instructions (although it was using her mob phone rather than the SD Card as you advised), with my partner by on Facebook by going to Mobile Planet and used the first mirror site. She logged out of Skype, and when she downloaded the file via the link, an error message occurred saying:


"There is a problem in parsing the package"


I have not got the foggiest of ideas what this means? Corrupt file perhaps?


Are you able to send me a private message, with the link to the website and the actual download link you used that worked for you? and if possible, a complete step by step guide through each part of the process?


Please do accept my apology for asking so much, but I honestly am a complete newbie to all this, so your help will be much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance.

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