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Want your front facing camera to work on your droid devices?

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All -


There have been many threads posted here asking for support from Skype with respect to the front-facing camera on various Android devices.


Skype's only response has been in their software, wherein they claim that the front-facing camera is not supported on Android Froyo 2.2.  On their Android Marketplace page (which I am apparently not allowed to link to directly) they state:


"On Android 2.2 (Froyo), only the back camera will work. This is because only devices running Android OS 2.3 or higher allow apps to access the front facing camera."


This is, of course totally UNTRUE.  Logically, it would be ridiculous for any manufacturer to release a device with a front facing camera that was unuseable.  Moreover, if you install, for example, TANGO (from the marketplace, or see www dot tango dot me ), you will see that video chat is in fact possible and workable, even on Froyo.


I have several Android devices.  My favorite is the Samsung Galaxy Tab - original 7" version. Stock with Froyo.  I use Tango to video chat with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users (and, soon, PC users), with no problem.... WITH my front-facing camera.


I have no idea why Skype would make such a ridiculous claim, or why nobody would contest it, but it's there, right out there, where everyone can see it.

And so are the alternatives.

Tango is free.  Other options exist.  Skype needs to get moving on this, but until they do, just use Tango.


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I think I will go to tango then and bring my family and freinds with me!

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